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The Dogon are a tribe of people in Mali, Africa who create masks which are worn by certain members to perform in during ceremonies.  Dogon masks can be placed in 3 categories. Masks that represent concepts or ideas, humans, or animals. The Dogon mat is inspired by the Kanaga Mask worn in a special ceremony by the Dogon Tribe. Dogon masks, such as kanaga, are worn primarily at dama, a collective funerary rite for Dogon men held once every 10 to 15 years. The ritual’s goal is to ensure the safe passage of the spirits of the deceased to the world of the ancestors. Kanaga masks have a secret meaning

which is only truly known by the group that wears them. Kanaga masks represent concepts, or ideas of Dogon culture. Representation of a bird, and, on a more esoteric level, as a symbol of the creative force of god and the arrangement of the universe representing the sky and the earth. 



    $111 +Shipping & Handling ($25 for domestic, $50 for International)


    PLEASE NOTE that ALLSelamta Yoga designs are ESOTERICALLY inspired. They have NO RELIGIOUS Affiliation & in NO WAY intend to disrespect religious symbols! All designs are powered by sacred geometry , original concepts, sketches, life journey & have no religious meaning.


    About Our Products


    Selamta Yoga Mats are ethically made. Printed 100% in USA.  

    Each time you step on to your yoga mat we want you to be inspired.

    Care for Your Mat

    Do not use strong cleaning solvents, nor do we recommend you machine-wash your mat..

    Below is a recipe for an herbal based natural cleaning solution:

    1 cup white vinegar

    3 cups filtered water

    1 tsp tea tree oil

    10-15 drops of essential oil of your choice

    Place all ingredients into a spray bottle and be sure to shake before each use. Spray down your mat on one side and let it sit for a few minutes. With a damp cloth, wipe it down. Finally, wipe it with a dry towel or simply let it air dry. Repeat on other side.

    As with most sporting equipment, the mats and towels will eventually fade with use. We do not recommend wearing shoes on the mats as this type of abrasion will prematurely distress the image.       

    • Dimensions 74" x 24" x 1/4", Weight Approximately 3 lbs
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