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Mulu And The Beta Clan

Hirut Ruth Yosef is an Illustrator, Fashion Designer and Graphic Artist from Israel. She was born in the city of Gondar in Ethiopia in 1979.  Her family immigrated to Israel in 1984 hoping for a better future. In an interview with Tadias.Com, Hirut shared these words. “From Ethiopia to Israel, through immigration and absorption, my mother and grandmother continued the traditional crafts of fine embroidery and basket weaving using colorful threads. Those simple geometric patterns have become a strong graphic motif in my paintings. Combining these patterns with images of strong women create the series I call MULU and the BETA CLAN. Mulu is a female name in Amharic, meaning ‘whole’ and ‘perfection.’ Mulu is my alter ego; she represents the special women in my life. In my work, I seek to empower women and build a visual bridge between my native origins and contemporary art and culture, reflecting my connection to fashion, street art and graphics. In doing so, I created a language of my own, redefining a place where the vast influences of my life can coexist.” Hirut has shown unwavering support and contribution to the Selamta Yoga brand. It is a great honor to continue cultivating this beautiful relationship & we are very honored to have Hirut design the TELSEM Yoga Mat now available in the Selamta Yoga Shop.


Gonjasufi is the yoga instructor behind the final track, Nickels & Dimes on Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'. San Diego-born underground king Sumach Ecks, known simply as Gonjasufi can be found teaching yoga in the dry lands of Joshua Tree and waxing lyrical about the metaphysics of this thing we call life. Look out for our special Selamta Yoga Mat collaboration, currently in the works (to be released in the near future).

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